100% Made in U.S.A. Policy 

Company C.E.O. and Founder GREG BABIKIAN made a commitment when He started the company nearly a decade ago, that all manufacturing and designing were to be completed start to finish in the Unites States. He took that even one step further, by committing to his clients that all production A - Z would be completed In-House. 

This was an industry first at the time and continues to be the reason why Greg Anthony Jewelry is an industry Leader. Providing a service that keeps everything In-House gives clients the piece of mind that their designs and all information regarding their account stays Confidential and Secure. 


Customer Service 

Our primary objective is customer service. That means that when the phone rings, we pick it up. When an E-mail is sent, we reply to it within minutes. Our company is based on the premise that our clients are our FAMILY . We make sure that every new order is executed with the greatest care to design and manufacturing. Throughout the process our service staff will continuously be in contact with you ( if that's what you prefer ) to keep you updated on where your piece is in the process. Your peace of mind, is our priority. 

​The Greg Anthony difference is a commitment we make to you. A commitment of service and responsibility. Unwavering designers, master jewelers and personnel. 

We look forward to welcoming you into the Greg Anthony Family of exceptional jewelry. 100 % perfection with 100 % satisfaction. 

Primary Service 411

CAD Design and CAD CAM

The jewelry industry has been inundated in recent years with new technologies and techniques of jewelry design. At Greg Anthony  Jewelry, We take every new technology and assess their feasibility and cost affective nature for you .. Our Client. 

To date, Greg Anthony Jewelry, has been on the cutting edge of all new technology  for jewelry making that has come on the market. Always assuring that our clients have the best mechanisms working on their behalf, including but not limited to CAD design and CAD CAM technology. 

These new techniques provide us with the tools necessary to provide you with flawless and perfect pieces every time. Limiting the push back some jewelry store clerks and proprietors get when delivering a new piece to a client. Each piece is designed meticulously, manufacturing perfectly and delivered expeditiously.