Our C.E.O.

Greg Anthony Jewelry was founded by Gregory k. Babikian. The company was established nearly a decade ago, with the founding name being those of His Two Young sons.

Babikian, A master jeweler Himself, was disheartened when He saw how customer service and quality had taken a back seat in most jewelry companies within the United States. Especially, the reality of the day, which was that most manufacturers and designers were shipping their orders overseas.   ​Babikian decided to launch a company that would put an end to that way of making jewelry. He created a company to manufacture 100 % US based jewelry, with great customer service and affordable pricing.

Our Clients 

At Greg Anthony Jewelry our clients are our Family.  We like to believe that our clients come to us for the quality, but remain as a member of The Greg Anthony Family ... Due to our attention to detail and award winning client services department. 

From start to finish, as our client, you will be part of the process. Simple, convenient and comfortable, our ordering and delivery systems are on time and every step is conducted with you in mind. ​We welcome client participation, but we also know how busy you are. One phone call, one E-mail and Presto .. Your piece is in your hands within 5 - 7 business days.. or even less. 

Who we are?

Greg Anthony  Jewelry was created with the intent to push the limits of jewelry design.  From conception to the finished piece, Greg Anthony provides the most discerning of clientele with a product that is unique and unrivaled.  

The pieces created at timeless and the designs lauded. With an operation that includes countless designers and master jewelers, who create and produce all pieces  In - House, there is no other company that can match the quality or service. ​Made 100 % in the USA and In-House from start to finish. Every piece, every time.