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G.A. Jewelry keeps it simple and easy.  We've been in this industry for over a decade, so we've been able to streamline the process and make it convenient for you.

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Greg Anthony Jewelry is

here for you and your clients, in every way.  That includes repairing a client's family heirloom or that precious sentimental piece from years ago.  Count on us first, as the industry leader, to serve you.

Greg Anthony Jewelry Inc. Custom Made by using 3D CAD technology, Jewelry Manufacturer of Engagement Rings And Wedding Bands. G.A. utilizes 3-D CAD technology, in order to create each and every customized piece.  As our client, you can preview these designs in life-like form, making it an enjoyable and convenient process.

Repairs & Quick Fixes 

Placing Your Order

3D CAD Design

GA CAREERS: Greg Anthony Jewelry INTERNSHIP :We believe in creating opportunities for advancement for all young professionals. For this reason we have an internship program that gives You, the ability to advance in your career. 


GaryBeth Jewelry is a Division of Greg Anthony Jewelry Inc. 

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Greg Anthony Jewelry can personalize and engrave your company logo in each and every piece.  Making your company and you the Rock Star.  Also, all diamonds are available with GIA Certification.

Personalization  & G.I.A. Certification

Leading The Industry With Award Winning pieces for our Clients...

The Kimberley Process

Greg Anthony Jewelry​wants you to buy with confidence.  We want you to buy your A-Z produced piece knowing that our team maintains a strict program, in adherence to the "KPCS", where all diamonds are conflict free and sourced from verified locations and distributors.

Social  Media

Greg Anthony and GaryBeth's Social Media is   Our clients. They are the news makers, we only help facilitate their job, by providing what they want in a perfect setting, for the best results . Our key aim is to satisfy our clients. 

We know you already know these terms, but we thought we'd put up information for some of our new clients.  Every question is an important question and here at

Greg Anthony Jewelry, we are ready to answer day or night.

Jewelry Terminology

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We are committed to service and community.  Giving Back is just part of who we are here at G.A.  If your organization needs help, let us know.  We'd love to hear from you.  Community and Service... is part of the G.A. Mission.

Greg Anthony Jewelry has a terrific metal option, 19K Bright White.  It's Gold as White as Platinum.  It is unique, resistant to scratching in comparison other metals and needs no Rhodium plating.  A great look and amazing product.


19 Karat Bright White

G.A. Jewelry

Giving Back

Fast Turn Around

G.A. Jewelry is an industry leader in fast turn around, averaging 5-7 days, with the ability to even rush orders.  There is no one that beats our commitment to great service & fast delivery.  We know your clients are on a schedule... which is why we're here to help.